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AACSD seminar presentation - Dr. Ján Eliaš

Tuesday, 02 May 2023

Dr. Eliaš obtained his Ph.D. in 2015 at the University Pierre and Marie Curie under the supervision of Jean Clairambault and Benoît Perthame with the thesis entitled "Mathematical model of the role and temporal dynamics of protein p53 after drug-induced DNA damage". After two years doing postdoc at  University Paris 11 with Danielle Hilhorst, he came to Graz for his University Assistant position at the Applied Analysis group. Starting from 2021, he became a researcher/group leader at the pharmaceutical company Böhringer Ingelheim.

Dr. Eliaš' presentation would give us certain insights about the job of a mathematician at a pharmaceutical, or generally an industrial, company.

The presentation is on Tuesday, 02.05.2023 at 10:00in SR 11.34 and online in the virtual room https://unimeet.uni-graz.at/b/tan-b5q-noz-k0a.

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